Genera Policy

Welcome to NTOURS! Please read the following statement carefully. Once you view the information on NTOURS website and use the reservatioin service, it means you accept the following content

Policy Explanation

NTOURS is the internet information provider who collects the service and information of the excellent global car, RV,motorcycle rental suppliers and publish on the internet platform for customers to assist customers achieving the reservation of service. NTOURSdoes NOT bear direct responsibility of the car rental service but will endeavor to assist the customers to negotiate with the related suppliers, if the dispute could not be negotiated, the customers may complain to the customer's association or solve the issue by laws.


NTOURS does not guarantee the network service will definitely satisfy customers' requirement, nor guarantee the interruption of the network service, the realtime, safety, accuracy of the network service.

NTOURS does not guarantee the accuaracy and integrity of the extern links which have been setup to provide the convenience for the customers. Meanwhile, to the content of the websites not belong to NTOURS which extern links direct to, NTOURS does not bear any responsibility.

For the network interruption or other fault being caused by force majeure or uncontrolable reasons , NTOURS does not bear any responsibility but will endeavor to reduce the loss and impact to the customers.

The statement applys to the laws of the People's Republic of China. Customers and NTOURS agree to obey the laws of the People's Republic of China and accept to obey the juristiction of the Chaoyang District Court of Beijing. If any of the clauses conflit with the laws of PRC, these clauses will be redefined according to the laws but the other clause will remain legal. We retain the right of amending the disclaimer and other clauses at any time.

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